About Jona

I am the mother of fabulous 6 year old twins, and a Lactation Consultant in private practice in the Seattle/Snohomish County Area. Over the course of my own breastfeeding journey, I was fortunate to enjoy the support of a wonderful Lactation Consultant who helped me work through several breastfeeding challenges. Her support enabled me to overcome those challenges and go on to enjoy a comfortable breastfeeding relationship with my twins. I completed my Lactation training through UC San Diego, including hands on clinical training at the UCSD Medical Center (inpatient) and Kaiser (outpatient). I have also trained with the Premature Infant Nutrition Clinic at UCSD Pediatrics, which follows premature and NICU discharged infants in support of their breastfeeding or breast milk feeding goals. I have a particular affinity for working with moms of twins, and for families transitioning from a NICU stay. I am also happy to work with moms whose babies have arrived one at a time with no NICU stay!

In my work with expectant and new mothers of twins, I have found that many moms lack the support or resources they need to reach their own breastfeeding goals. Too often, the resources that are available don’t fully understand the differences inherent in the twin parenting experience. As a Lactation Consultant and a mother of twins, I can help you set and meet your own breastfeeding goals!